A dos kilómetros de la ciudad del Cusco (3.500 m.s.n.m.) Saqsayhuaman etimológicamente significa Halcón saciado o cabeza jaspeada. En el complejo se pueden apreciar muros zigzagueantes de factura megalítica, bases de torreones, acueductos, túneles (chincanas), templos ceremoniales, laguna artificial, rodadero (Suchuna) y la explanada donde actualmente se escenifica la fiesta del sol “Inti Raymi”.

One of the most outstanding Inca constructions that is located only two kilometers away from Cusco's downtown. The etymology of its name means Satiate Falcon or Mottling Head. In this archaeological complex we can appreciate megalithic walls that have a zig-zagging shape, also it can be found architectural bases of towers, water channels, caves (chincanas), sacred ceremonial temples, an artificial lake, rock-slides (Suchuna) and a flat area where every year the Inti Raymi feast takes place.